How do you become successful in network marketing?

Anyone who asks this question expects a magical answer that leads to guaranteed success, and best of all via an abbreviation. Let’s not kid ourselves: There is no guaranteed success and not everyone will understand how to build and permanently increase their network marketing business. The nice and at the same time unpleasant thing about network marketing is: EVERYONE, really absolutely everyone of legal age, can join. You do not need any prior knowledge and from the first second of your work as a networker you learn, so to speak. That can be an advantage, but also a big disadvantage, because it is not uncommon for people to join who do not have the passion, perseverance, ambition and staying power that it takes to be successful in network marketing.

What did I learn in my network marketing career?
There are several factors on which success depends. So here are a few of my success tips that you should follow BEFORE you join a network.

1. The right company

Find the right company for you and research exactly what income and promotion opportunities the company offers. Check whether your are passionate about the company’s products and whether they can provide you with a permanent income. Before my “second” and permanent network marketing career, myself was at Quorum, a company that sold alarm systems through its independent partners, and had to find out that the business is over as soon as everyone has an alarm system. So my tip: consumer products that run out and have to be bought later. So wird ein andauernder Cashflow generiert. Make sure that the company is stable and has been able to prove itself in the market over the long term.

2. Your sponsor

Your sponsor is as important as the company itself. Myself was not lucky enough to have a sponsor as a helpful companion, mentor and coach on my way to the top of the company, because they unfortunately passed away. Of course, you can also be successful without a sponsor, if you proceed purposefully and systematically. But that’s exactly what I had to find out for myself. That’s why I relied on mentors and independent coaches right from the start. I still work with Michael Strachowitz, one of the most famous keynote speakers and network marketing coaches in German-speaking countries. Together with him, I developed exclusive tools, trainings and academies that are available to my team partners. So my advice: Surround yourself with the right people and sponsors so that you can find enough support to find your way up.

3. The human factor

The human factor: Much stands and falls with yourself. There are innumerable independent corporate partners. So the company is the same, the products are the same. Why should someone start a business with you or buy from you? It is true that it is often said that in network marketing you don’t sell anything but recommend it, but that’s simply wrong. Du bietest etwas an: eine Geschäftsmöglichkeit, eine Zusammenarbeit mit Dir, Dich selbst. If you are not self-confident, have no energy and are not enthusiastic about the products, the company and the business opportunity, you will not sell anything – neither products nor the business opportunity and certainly not yourself. God… could I write novels about doomed networkers, who run from one training session to the next and simply don’t get down to business because they are enthusiastic about the trainer’s energy, but have neither trimmed their mindset nor their self-confidence to success. So we come to the next tip:

4. Think successfully!

Think successfully! Become successful! As simple as it may sound, this is exactly what is difficult to implement for the majority of people. They would rather restrict themselves or make themselves comfortable in their poverty than overcome hurdles, develop themselves, work on themselves and do what it takes to achieve the goals they dream of. Therefore: work on yourself and your personality, visualize your goals. What do you want to achieve and what for? More time for the family, a condominium, retirement provisions, indulging in luxury?

Even more secrets of success

It is important to me to pass on my knowledge and experiences from over 25 years, because every person deserves to lead a self-determined, fulfilled life. That’s why I would like to give you my book “Breaking the Wall” in which I tell you how to build a stable business in network marketing. The book is in English because of my international activities.

If you have any questions or would like to share your experiences with us, I would be very happy to hear from you.

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